David L. Weissman - Sac. Cnty LDA Reg.#2019-01

Meet David Weissman, Legal Document Assistant


David Weissman, LDA, owns and operates LegalDoc-prep, providing quick, competent legal document preparation for individuals seeking self-help solutions. David is a registered Legal Document Assistant with the County of Marin. Formerly an independent paralegal, he has over 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals who need to obtain or modify the legal documentation to obtain court orders. His compassionate and straightforward approach has helped thousands of individuals and couples navigate complex legal issues, ranging from: Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, Child and Spousal Support, Marital Settlement Agreements and Stipulations, Motion to Modify or Establish Orders, and other matters.

David’s primary goal is to provide comfort to individuals and couples, utilizing his deep experience to remove the fear and confusion associated with any legal process. David starts by helping his clients achieve a clear understanding of what the court’s role is designed to accomplish. Then, he helps them gain knowledge and insight into the reasonable expectations and outcomes that may occur.

David’s compassion for his clients, and his understanding of the raw emotion and anxieties surrounding complex legal situations have been gained through his work, as well as his own life experiences. David’s clients are always treated with the upmost courtesy and respect.

Why I do this:

“I firmly believe that many couples are seeking a practical alternative to litigation in divorce and family conflict –not solely based on the high costs associated with litigation–but also due to the potential of reduced stress and conflict. This self-help alternative benefits children, finances, and the family’s general well-being, while preserving a sense of integrity and dignity for all.”
David Weissman, Founder

Legal Document Assistants, LDAs are experts at legal form preparation and procedure and can help with many different areas, such as divorce, wills, deeds, guardianships, and many more. LDAs provide a low-cost alternative to attorneys for preparing legal paperwork

LegalDoc-Prep (LD-P) is not a law office and cannot represent you in court. We provide document preparation services at your specific direction and pursuant to; Business & Professional Code Sec. 6400. Services provided by (LD-P) are not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. If you require legal advice contact an attorney; Sacramento Cnty Lawyer Referral at: www.calbar.ca.gov.

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