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Nelly G. -Yelp

David is the only good part of my horrible custody and divorce battle. After pointless attempts at getting a lawyer to take my complicated case, I took matters into my own hands and decided to represent myself, using LegalDoc-Prep to file all forms. From the start, David Weissman was a freakin’ superstar. David did everything in a timely manner, he communicated every detail and knew exactly what to do in each situation that arose. When I needed last minute help, he went above and beyond, assisting me in getting a phone hearing request even though in the end, it wasn’t even thru his business. Try to find THAT in the legal industry! (U probably can’t!) Working with David was like regaining dignity in what seemed to be a downhill battle. I worked with him for well over a month and will recommend him to everyone. I am so grateful for his help! I believe that this is a person that takes pride in what he does and anyone using his service made THE perfect choice!!

Nelly G. -Yelp  – Child Custody / Visitation

Monroe, NC

Steve W. -Yelp

“David helped us get our divorce finalized after my ex and I worked out all the settlement details privately before hand. He did a great job walking us through the process, getting the papers filed, and keeping us updated. He was super responsive to any of our questions and concerns. For those that don’t have anything to contest in your divorce, David is the way to go. Thank you David! You saved us quite a bit of emotional drama”.

Steve W. -Yelp

Sacramento County – Dissolution

Anna H

I have used the services provided by David Weissman for my child custody case on multiple occasions and have always been treated with the utmost respect. I communicated via telephone and email and was always given a quick response. Very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend David to anyone who has trouble figuring out what to file and how to fill it out. Pricing was very affordable for the excellent services provided. He goes above and beyond and is very patient and knowledgeable. If I ever need help again I have the info saved because I know who I can depend on to get everything completed on time and correctly.

Anna H. – Yelp

Sacramento Cnty – Child Custody / Visitation

Tracy P. -Yelp

I was looking for a paralegal in the Sacramento area to assist in completing and filing legal paperwork for a guardianship case. David Weissman was quick and courteous. He was able to answer all my questions and had a reasonable rate; he offered a payment plan, if needed. He stuck with me throughout the entire journey, following up at the end, to ensure all my needs were met.

I am very appreciative of his services. Without him, I would not have known where to start (or stop) in the process. This alleviated a great deal of stress from an already stressful situation. I would (and do) recommend David Weissman’s services to anyone needing a little help with their legal voyages.

Tracy P. -Yelp

Sacramento County – Guardianship

Patrick L. -Yelp

GOOD LORD, where do I begin, first and foremost, I NEVER IN LIFE write reviews, however, I abbbbbbsolutely feel compelled to do so. Unfortunately my mother suffers from severe alzheimer’s and dementia, she is unable to function on her own, so I had to step in and handle her finances. In order to do this, I would need conservatorship, this is where I’m stuck in the middle of the pacific ocean, drowning with no life preserver. I had no idea on how to do this or where to begin, enter David Weissman to the rescue, I’m well over my head, cannot afford an attorney (at least $4,000) David, a paralegal provided all the guidance I or you will ever need, at a much lower rate. My mother lives in Stockton, I live in Sacramento, he was able to get Sacramento to have jurisdiction on this matter for me. Trying to get conservatorship on a loved one is a very trying, emotional and difficult matter, your basically taking their freedom from them, since they’re no longer able to function on their own or handle their own finances. This is a very lengthy laborious process, David was there every step of the way. I was awarded conservatorship by the courts and now I’m able to provide better living conditions for my mom, she is now able to get the help and care that she needs, all this thanks to David.

I cannot EMPHASIZE enough, how I was a fish out of water on this matter, David did all the heavy lifting, all I had to do was provide him the information he required and he did the rest.

Thank you is not enough, I have forever indebted and grateful for David.

David is a Master at what he does and a “ROCK STAR”!!!!!

Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Patrick L. -Yelp

Sacramento Cnty – Conservatorship

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