Child Support And Spousal Support Document Preparation

Child support is what one parent agrees to pay the second parent every month to provide support for their child. California has guidelines concerning how much support a parent should pay, based on the ratio of time each parent spends with the child and income. Parents can come to their own agreement outside of California’s guidelines, however, and the court will approve it as long as that agreement meets certain conditions.

If you are preparing your own child support documents, whether you are utilizing California’s guidelines or creating your own agreement, and you want professional assistance, we can help. LegalDoc-prep can save you up to 90% of an attorney’s fees to prepare your child support documents. From start to finish, we can both prepare the documents you need, as well as painlessly guide you through the legal process. We will ensure that all of the information you need to provide to establish a fair child support award is organized and accounted for.


Spousal support is what one spouse pays another when a couple separates or divorces. Courts have the discretion (within statutory parameters) to deny spousal support, or to limit that support to an amount and duration that reflects the ability of both parties to provide for their own needs. Whether you want to establish, modify or terminate spousal support, LegalDoc-prep can professionally prepare your spousal support documents.

We will ensure that all of the information you need to provide to establish a fair spousal support award is included in your documentation. For example, the court will want evidence of your income, expenses, assets, work history, age, education and health, among other data. We will help you make the best possible case for your situation.

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